Or store 1-800-373-3411 on your speed dial. In case you didn’t know about this already, this is a FREE directory assistance service, most practical to avoid being gouged by the phone companies. What is it the phone co. charge now? Anyone know?The only catch so to speak is that this service is made available because of the advertising, so you will have to sit through a short ad before making your request or you may have to pay for the minutes you use depending on your cell phone plan.

Quoting from an email I received:

“Start Saving on Cell Phone Bills Today!

Simply dial 1-800-FREE411 and get the listing you need for free. It’s just like 411, only better because it doesn’t cost anything. As America’s leading provider of free directory assistance, 1-800-FREE411 offers complete residential and business listings. Who pays, you ask? Their advertisers do. And should you be interested in one of their great offers, they’ll connect you free of charge. So tell friends and family and put it on your speed dial today.

*Visit www.free411.com to search and find special promotions*” Thank you Casey!

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