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Doing chores- when the kids wash dishes

I’ve mentioned before how we pay our kids for some chores. One of the chores that the kids rotate turns on doing is washing the dishes. When it’s their turn they load and unload the dishwasher and hand wash what can’t go in the washer. I have to keep Roto Rooter on hand for not…  Continue Reading

Bring on the summer days and clogged drains

The kids are home with us for the summer. The extra days of them being here means extra bathroom use. More days of long showers (why does it take a 9 year old 30 minutes to take a 10 minute shower), more times that the sink is running. More use means more clogged drains. Thankfully…  Continue Reading

Watching my pregnancy body go down the drain

This post is in partnership with Roto-Rooter. Opinions of the brand and products are my own. My baby girl is 4 months old all ready. My baby belly is working it’s way back down and my body as a whole is becoming my own once again. As a new Mom, some days, I feel like…  Continue Reading

About A Blender Mom

Hey y’all and welcome to A Blender Mom. My name is Shanaka (pronounced Shonica or Shanuhkuh) and I’m the Mama of a newly blended family. I’m a small town, southern girl- born, raised, and still living in central Virginia. I say y’all and bless a lot of hearts. I was married for 8 years then…  Continue Reading