Vacation Myrtle Beach- beach fun during off season (part 1: where to stay) #VacationMB

My oldest son just turned 13 last week. When asked what he wanted to do for his birthday he asked if we could travel some place new (to him) instead of having a party. Knowing that he would enjoy the travel experience I gladly agreed. Vacation Myrtle Beach is a go! We booked a weekend…  Continue Reading

Teaching my kids about the power of friendship #ad #ThePowerofFriendship @FriendshipDairy

This post about teaching my kids about the power of friendship is sponsored by Friendship Dairies. All thoughts and opinions are my own. My cousin has been my best friend as long as I can remember. We spent a lot of our childhood together. As we got older, both got married, and had kids it…  Continue Reading

Doing chores- when the kids wash dishes

I’ve mentioned before how we pay our kids for some chores. One of the chores that the kids rotate turns on doing is washing the dishes. When it’s their turn they load and unload the dishwasher and hand wash what can’t go in the washer. I have to keep Roto Rooter on hand for not…  Continue Reading

Amazon Fire TV shows off your photos, just ask Alexa #PrimePhotos #AskAlexa

You have friends or family over and you want to show off your wedding or vacation photos. The Amazon Fire TV shows off your photos, just ask Alexa. If you are all ready an Amazon Prime member then you know the great perks right? show my photos Show my photos. Amazon customers can view and…  Continue Reading

Fall festivals & events around Lynchburg Virginia

The weather is weird in Virginia. One year it was 80 degrees on Christmas day and then snowing in March. One time of year that I love is fall. Virginia has a lot to offer year round but VA fall weather is my favorite. The colors, the flavors, the things to do and see, it’s…  Continue Reading