Goodbye Mama Bee Does, a new chapter in life brings a new blog name- A Blender Mom

Blogs change all the time. Some for the better- some not so much. I’m hoping this change for me puts me in the success stories category. This blog was started on Blogspot in 2007. I was coupon clipping mama b back then. Then I abandoned the blogspot ship for Word Press and re-branded as Thrifty…  Continue Reading

Make money blogging- February ’14 blog income and traffic reports

This post may contain affiliate links, which goes towards my monthly blog income. Not every blogger chooses to try and make money blogging. I am not one of those people. I didn’t start my blog for the sole purpose to make money. It took me years to decide to go that route once I had…  Continue Reading

January ’14 blog income and traffic reports

Blogging started as a hobby for me and after 7 years has become my job. I am very thankful for the extra income and time that I am able to have at home with my boys. How did Mama Bee Does do for the month of January? Glam media- $184 SocialSpark- $50 Google adsense- $171.55…  Continue Reading

Make money with a blog- September 2013 earnings

While attending the Type A conference last weekend I was asked why I wasn’t sharing my monthly blog earnings posts anymore. I had received emails from people saying that my blog monetizing posts were rude because I was bragging on how much I make with my blog. That was not what my intentions were at…  Continue Reading

BlogHer sweet beginnings thanks to Wilton- tour of the school, test kitchen & store

I can officially say I survived my first BlogHer conference. I wasn’t sure what all to expect as I flew off to Chicago. I started out my first BlogHer in the best way possible (for me). I was among 30 bloggers who were invited to visit Wilton. Yes that was this cake decorators dream visit….  Continue Reading