Teaching my kids about the power of friendship #ad #ThePowerofFriendship @FriendshipDairy

This post about teaching my kids about the power of friendship is sponsored by Friendship Dairies. All thoughts and opinions are my own. My cousin has been my best friend as long as I can remember. We spent a lot of our childhood together. As we got older, both got married, and had kids it…  Continue Reading

National Believe Day @Macys #santaproject #NationalBelieveDay

Today, December 9th, is National Believe Day. Believe in what? Santa. National Believe Day is part of a campaign with Macy’s called Santa is Real. Macy’s wants to keep the magic of believing alive across the internet so they are asking everyone to share what they believe with #santaproject across social media. Santa didn’t get…  Continue Reading

Gender reveal party- all kinds of surprises- It’s a…

Jersey Boy and I had our gender reveal party over the holiday weekend since most of my family (and his parents) were all together for my birthday and/or the 4th of July celebrations anyways. My doctor only does the second trimester ultra sound at 22 weeks and our party was happening during my 18th week…  Continue Reading

Death of an absent father

Many years of phone calls and broken promises locked away in my memories. Then today I got a phone call that broke the lock. He was really dead. His alcoholism and probably continued drug use finally took its toll. All the hatred and feelings I thought I had buried for my birth father came flooding…  Continue Reading