Easy Sunday dinners & desserts- 12 crock pot recipes

I love cooking with my crock pots (slow cookers). Lazy? Maybe to a point- but they are easy and get the job done. For most recipes if it has to be cooked it can be made in a crock pot. You can fix your recipe that morning and let it cook all day in the…  Continue Reading

#ad Jambalaya recipe using Tyson ground chicken #CreateAMeal #cbias

I enjoy having big family meals and as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® I made a jambalaya recipe using Tyson ground chicken that fed 8 people with six getting second helpings (14 servings) for $26 from Walmart. It’s a pretty good meal for about $1.85 a serving. You can see all the…  Continue Reading

Slow cooker potato soup recipe

I have found recipes recently that my boys gobble up without much fuss of  “eat your dinner please” or “I don’t like this”. One of those recipes is for slow cooker potato soup. I have a more tedious and time consuming recipe for potato soup that is delicious but some times I just don’t have…  Continue Reading

Chicken Chili Beans recipe

Ive been in the kitchen since I was nine years old. I have grown a love for great food and what I love the most is to be able to play around with seasonings. I’m always coming up with something different for my family to try. Maybe, I will give my recipe for my most…  Continue Reading

Beef stew recipe

I love a good bowl of soup, stew, stoup (thicker than soup but not as thick as stew) or chowder. I’m all about easy cooking but if it doesn’t taste good then it doesn’t matter how easy it was to fix. I have a beef stew recipe that is both easy to fix and it…  Continue Reading