New movie trailer & Belle’s blueberry doughnut recipe #BeOurGuest #BeautyandtheBeast

When I think of Belle and the new live action movie Beauty and the Beast I think: blue (Belle’s dress in the beginning of the movie), yellow (her ballgown), and roses (the Beast’s enchanted rose under glass). Did you happen to catch the final trailer for Beauty and the Beast during The Bachelor last night? The…  Continue Reading

Try the Grey Stuff- Beauty & The Beast inspired dessert #BeOurGuest #BeautyAndTheBeast

Have you seen the new character posters featuring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast from Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of the studio’s animated classic (and one of the most beloved tales ever told), Beauty and the Beast? The film, which brings the story and characters audiences know and love to life…  Continue Reading

Easy chocolate peanut butter balls recipe

I can remember the first time making chocolate peanut butter balls with my Nana. I was in the third grade and a Brownie (in Girl Scouts) and we had to make a treat to take to a meeting. My grandma taught me how to make peanut butter balls. To you Yankees they are probably known…  Continue Reading

Edible chocolate chip cookie dough recipe

Growing up, were you allowed to lick the spoon, bowl, or spatula after mom or grandma made cake batter or cookie dough? Yes, it’s not safe but some (if not many) of us did it anyways. If you enjoy the taste of raw chocolate chip cookie dough then this is a SAFE recipe for y’all….  Continue Reading

Easy breakfast casserole recipe

Sometimes we need a little variety come breakfast time on the weekends. During the week we do the quick breakfasts, cereal, muffins, pop tarts, and sometimes the kids eat breakfast at the school cafeteria. The weekends are more slow paced in the mornings (some times) so I like to actually make breakfast. My favorite breakfast…  Continue Reading