Back to school lice prevention with Fairy Tales

I have had my fair share of run ins with head lice. I got it from other kids in elementary school, multiple times. I didn’t share anything with the kids but I wore my waist length hair down a lot of the time. My step daughter caught head lice a couple years ago. We had…  Continue Reading

How we survived a broken arm and leg + how to win $500 #ad #UnitedHealthcare

Last year right after school started my youngest son decided it was a good idea to try and go down some stone steps outside our apartment with his roller skates still on. The result of that great idea was a broken arm and a broken leg. Let me just say thank goodness for insurance! I…  Continue Reading

Dollar Shave Club is for ladies too! (razor handle, 4 cartridges, $5 credit all for $1!)

When Geek Daddy and I first started sharing a bathroom I noticed a Bathroom Minutes booklet and package of razor cartridges on the sink next to his shaving supplies. I was intrigued, so later that evening I asked him about the booklet. He said he gets the Dollar Shave Club razor cartridges delivered once a…  Continue Reading

Team USA- Power their dreams with P&G #LetsPowerTheirDreams

Did your family watch the opening ceremony for The Olympic Games tonight? My youngest is ready to watch the swim sports, he wants to be like the Team USA divers (swim) team. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/ Walmart; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. My youngest fella loves the water. Of…  Continue Reading

Give bladder leakage the 1-2-3 with Impressa #ad #TryImpressa

Mamas, You know those moments when you are about to sneeze and you are more worried about crossing your legs than covering your nose? Yeah? Poise has a new product for that. The Poise Impressa sizing kit can help you make it a little less embarrassing to freely laugh, sneeze or jump with the kids…  Continue Reading