2017 Holiday Gift Guide submission now open

Now that we are wrapping up the back to school season my inbox has started to overflow with requests for submissions to our 2017 holiday gift guide. Several brands have reached out asking if we are doing a holiday gift guide this year and the answer is YES! We are at it again this year…  Continue Reading

Minimize meltdowns with @GracoBaby Graco Oasis swing with soothe surround technology

Just a swingin’. Baby swings were a huge help when my youngest son was a baby. He got the soothing of the movement and mama got a bit of a break from rocking him so often (he was a colic baby). A lot has changed in the baby gear department since he was a baby…  Continue Reading

holiday gift guide- gifts for him with Hanes FreshIQ ($50 American Express giveaway)

My man tends to sweat a lot as do my sons. The two boys can simply walk to the mailbox and back and they will come back inside smelling like wet dog. Some days I hate doing their laundry (pew-wee!). Thanks to Hanes and the Hanes with FreshIQ they can worry a little less about…  Continue Reading

holiday gift guide- Stompeez slippers

Stomp- stomp- stomp- stompeez! My youngest son used to go around the house singing the Stompeez slippers song over and over again. He had a pair of the original Stompeez a few years ago that were alligators. When he would step in his Stompeez the alligator mouth would open and close to look like it…  Continue Reading

holiday gift guide: Sleep better with @ASoundTech Sound+Sleep SE system #SleepSoundNow

A sleep therapy system that helps me and my newborn fall asleep easier and quicker? Yes, that’s the Sound + Sleep SE system. This system offers 64 sound profiles that are scientifically engineered to help people like me fall asleep easier. Their motto is- Sleep better. Live better. and with the Sound + Sleep SE…  Continue Reading