Blogger burn out- stepping back in to the internet

*blows dust off the laptop keyboard* It’s been an eventful, stressful few months and during that time the blog had to take the back burner in life. My divorce was finalized the beginning of December, I moved out of our house in January and I was hired and let go from a banking job. I…  Continue Reading

Divorce- Saying goodbye to the last 10 years

Daddy B and I have been separated two and a half years now but the marital problems go back years further. We finally came to the conclusion a few months ago that it was that time- time to go forward with a divorce. At first I was beyond terrified. How could I make it on…  Continue Reading

Adulting stinks! Give me some cereal and Scooby Doo toons in my blanket fort

I know it’s been more of a cricket chirping silence around the blog lately than much buzz of blog posts. Life has dealt me a heck of a hand lately and I’ve been trying to deal the best I can. Daddy B and I are working on papers to file for divorce after being separated…  Continue Reading

A letter to my oldest boy (Happy 10th birthday)

I had 9 months of nausea, eating ketchup on everything and I gained 75 lbs. Then October 9th came. On this day ten years ago my life was turned upside down but in one of the best ways possible. I was scared and I had just given birth to my first child, a son, and…  Continue Reading

Facebook helped me find my half sister

Social media is part of my job and I enjoy it very much (most days). I have friends that don’t have a Facebook account. When asked why they don’t they usually say to much drama for them or it’s a waste of time and they are too busy. I am thankful for my Facebook accounts…  Continue Reading