The most adorable Haute Baby clothes from LaBella Flora children’s boutique

Kaylee just turned 10 months old on September 18th. I have tried my best to take monthly photos of her. The older she gets the harder it is to get good photos of her. She’s crawling, cruising, and attempting to start walking. Ten month olds are difficult models unless you can bribe them with their…  Continue Reading

Back to school lice prevention with Fairy Tales

I have had my fair share of run ins with head lice. I got it from other kids in elementary school, multiple times. I didn’t share anything with the kids but I wore my waist length hair down a lot of the time. My step daughter caught head lice a couple years ago. We had…  Continue Reading

Playtime is a little more fun with a Squishy Mats Little Squishy play mat

Kaylee loves playing on the floor with her ever growing collection of toys. To help keep her a little more comfortable while playing on the floor we put a squishy mat down for her. We received the squishy mat play mat free for review but opinions are our own. play mat for babies We received…  Continue Reading

Bring on the summer days and clogged drains

The kids are home with us for the summer. The extra days of them being here means extra bathroom use. More days of long showers (why does it take a 9 year old 30 minutes to take a 10 minute shower), more times that the sink is running. More use means more clogged drains. Thankfully…  Continue Reading

HOOT for Kids box- monthly subscription toys

These days it seems like you can get a monthly subscription box for just about anything. Meals to make at home, clothes, jewelry, and so much more. We had the opportunity to customize a monthly box of toys for Kaylee with Hoot for Kids. Born out of the belief that toys foster growth and developed…  Continue Reading