Holiday cards and more from Basic Invite @BasicInvite

Holiday cards, wedding invitations, save the date cards, baby announcements, I’ve been looking at it all and Basic Invite offers it all. I usually have cards sent out to family and friends by now but I am slacking this year. I got behind on spreading holiday cheer at Thanksgiving because my baby girl was born…  Continue Reading

Minimize meltdowns with @GracoBaby Graco Oasis swing with soothe surround technology

Just a swingin’. Baby swings were a huge help when my youngest son was a baby. He got the soothing of the movement and mama got a bit of a break from rocking him so often (he was a colic baby). A lot has changed in the baby gear department since he was a baby…  Continue Reading

holiday gift guide- gifts for him with Hanes FreshIQ ($50 American Express giveaway)

My man tends to sweat a lot as do my sons. The two boys can simply walk to the mailbox and back and they will come back inside smelling like wet dog. Some days I hate doing their laundry (pew-wee!). Thanks to Hanes and the Hanes with FreshIQ they can worry a little less about…  Continue Reading

holiday gift guide- Stompeez slippers

Stomp- stomp- stomp- stompeez! My youngest son used to go around the house singing the Stompeez slippers song over and over again. He had a pair of the original Stompeez a few years ago that were alligators. When he would step in his Stompeez the alligator mouth would open and close to look like it…  Continue Reading

holiday gift guide: Sleep better with @ASoundTech Sound+Sleep SE system #SleepSoundNow

A sleep therapy system that helps me and my newborn fall asleep easier and quicker? Yes, that’s the Sound + Sleep SE system. This system offers 64 sound profiles that are scientifically engineered to help people like me fall asleep easier. Their motto is- Sleep better. Live better. and with the Sound + Sleep SE…  Continue Reading