First PCS as a Military Wife & Discovery of a Flow Heart Murmur

Hey everyone, KC here. I want to apologize for my lack of involvement with the blog lately. I have had a lot added to my plate recently and was focusing on my family time. My husband and I recently found out that we are moving to Ramstein, Germany in July and will be there for the next four years! This will be my first PCS (permanent change of station) as a military wife, so naturally I am excited but nervous at the same time. I have never lived anywhere except for Virginia my entire life. Yes, I did visit my husband while he was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, but that was only for three months.
There is still a ton of stuff to get done in such a short period of time. I have been trying to go through my house room by room and slim down on things. However I am having a difficult time with it all, because in between cleaning and going through things I still have both of my boys to take of, plus our dog. Being a housewife is hard, but being a military housewife is harder.
It’s not just the big move that I have had on my list of things to worry about, its also my dad. He has, of recent, had a few health problems. Living 200+ miles away, isn’t easy on a daddy’s girl! I also learned yesterday that my oldest son has a flow heart murmur. His doctor said it wasn’t serious but just to know that he has it and no one until now has heard it. It just baffles me! Does anyone else have a child with a murmur (serious or not)?
So, as you can see I have had a plate full and all of this stuff happened within weeks of each other. I will try harder to write more for you guys from here on out. Even though my family and I are moving to Germany I will still reach out to you all. Especially since there are a lot of cool trips that we are planning to take once we get there and get settled.

I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support I have received here.


  1. Aww! KC! I can’t believe you’ll be leaving the country for that long. Well, good luck with everything. I hope you like it there. Also, my dad has a heart murmur. However, he has lots of health issues.

  2. The tough part is the moving and it must be even harder that you’re doing so much of it by yourself. I wish you all the best. Are you going to keep blogging? I don’t think heart murmurs are serious, but I’m not sure. Take good care!

  3. My son was born with a heart murmur (due to a small hole in his heart). After a year of seeing cardiologist, it eventually just closed and no murmur.

  4. Oh my girlie I can feel your stress. Hang in there and keep blogging as you can!

  5. Ramstein is supposed to be nice. You’ll fit in fine, after your adjustment.

  6. Best wishes! There is a lot on your plate now, you have quite an adventure ahead of you!

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