Goodbye Mama Bee Does, a new chapter in life brings a new blog name- A Blender Mom

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Blogs change all the time. Some for the better- some not so much. I’m hoping this change for me puts me in the success stories category. This blog was started on Blogspot in 2007. I was coupon clipping mama b back then. Then I abandoned the blogspot ship for Word Press and re-branded as Thrifty Mama B. After doing the coupon/deal blogging for a couple years I put my coupon clipping aside and wanted to do more lifestyle blogging than just coupons, freebies, and deals. Then the blog became known as Mama Bee Does- sharing all the things that Mama does. That was when I was married to my first husband known on the blog as Daddy B. I will always be Mama B because of my boys but I felt with the divorce and now engagement to Jersey Boy aka Proud Geek Daddy that it was time to make a blog change to keep up with the life change to better suit us.


I decided on the new name A Blender Mom because Geek Daddy and I are engaged and living together which gives us a newly blended family. The majority of my content will remain the same as it was with Mama Bee. Now that I’m a SAHM (stay at home mom) again while awaiting the birth of baby Kaylee (due in November) I have the time once again to put back in to my blogging work.

The necessary name changes have been made for the blog and my social media accounts except Facebook. I’m waiting for that approval to go through but all other social media sites now has me as blender mom in place of mama bee, I just need to update my links here for y’all. I still have some obvious housekeeping to do here on the site to finish tidying up the place to make it the new home but I wanted to give the readers, fans, and followers the heads up if things are out of sorts for a little bit or if I have some errors pop up or the links say mama bee when you arrive to blender mom. Like I mentioned before, I’m still the mama and the blog topics and categories will remain mostly the same and all of the recipes, reviews, travel stories, etc. shared on Mama Bee are all still here at Blender Mom so I hope you will continue to stick around with me as my family and I continue to grow.

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