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Sometimes giving a fitness related gift can be a bit tricky. You don’t want your girl to think you are trying to tell her that she is in need of some exercise (we don’t want them to feel bad about themselves over a gift). You love these ladies and you want to help encourage and motivate them to enjoy life extending benefits of exercise and better nutrition choices and you want to do that without the life shortening stress of them being mad at you for your gift choice. How can you go about this type of gift giving?

  • Listen (or talk about it and listen)- Say she says she will be needing new cross trainers soon because she has been to the gym so much with her recent pair she has wore them out. That’s an opportunity (you’re ah-ha moment) to get her a gift card to a shoe store so she can pick out the correct type, size and color shoe she needs to hit the gym. Don’t be afraid to bring up things and she what type of response she has.
  • Gift an experience- Have to buy for a lady who enjoys being in the snow? Maybe a snowshoe rental would make her heart melt. Have a gal that loves dancing? Get her a certificate to a zumba or heck maybe even a pole dancing class. Accompany your friend because sometimes it’s not just the experience but that experience with you.

No need to sweat which gifts to give this season, we have a list of possibilities all found at to help you give the gift of good/better health…

fitness gift ideas for her

holiday gift guide for fitness

  1.  Fitbit– $95. A device to wear that tracks the fitness of all their bits 😉 Worn all the time, the Fitbit tracks the activity (or inactivity) levels and sleep cycle (or in my case lack of sleep) of the wearer. To access the data the Fitbit user will need to synch their Fitbit to a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  2. Gold’s Gym adjustable kettle bell $67 (or the 3 pc kit for $29)- One kettle bell with (5) 3 lb. plates that can adjust it’s weight from 5 to 20 pounds. Also includes a 20 minute workout DVD and exercise chart.
  3. Yoga tote– Totes can be found for around $20 and you can even make a little gift set by including a mat, yoga socks and a DVD workout like The Biggest Loser weight loss yoga.
  4. Garmin running watch $90+up. These colorful watches track your distance, pace and calories, allowing you to get the most out of your run.
  5. Balance Ball Chair $60-105. Practice stretching and strengthening key muscles and work on that posture with a balance ball chair. Purchase includes stability ball, chair part and pump to inflate the ball.
  6. Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent water bottle $38- Drinking water is important for a healthy body (and mind). This water bottle calculates personal hydration goals, displays amounts consumed to help enforce proper pacing of water consumption throughout the day.
  7. Smart phone holder armband $4-10. We are all attached by the thumbs to our smartphones these days. Workouts are no exception with all the workout apps and music that we can listen to while working out. Keep your phone handy without being in your hands. Add an iTunes card with it to let her download her favorite workout tunes and you have a fantastic gift set.
  8. Beats by Dre urBeats earbuds $89-99. I listen to music while I work out. Many ladies do. I’ve been through multiple sets of earbuds in the last year. If I had just taken all the money spent on different sets and just got the Beats by Dre then maybe I would have been better off in the long run. I love that they come in purple.
  9. Weight Watchers belly, butt and thighs kit $25. (3) 30-45 minute workouts at home for women.
  10. Danskin workout shirts and bottoms– We should feel good about what we wear while we are working out. Danskin offers a variety of styles and colors in shirts, pants, shorts and capris.

You can find all of these items and more at Do you have a health nut or fitness fan girl to buy for this year? What are they hinting at or asking for?

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