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"Lets Go"

If you have plans to fly this year for the holidays with children you may want to invest in Let’s Go Chipper Get Ready to Fly kit. We had the chance to try out the Get Ready to Fly kit though we aren’t flying anywhere this year. This kit kept Little B content in the van while riding to grandma’s and Baby B wears the pillow backpack around the house and plays/naps with it. Chipper is a character that kids seem to relate to so the company uses Chipper to teach children good behavior in a variety of experiences.

"Let Go Chipper travel kit"

The Get Ready to Fly kit is an eco friendly traveling kit that helps prepare kids for flying before you even leave the house. From what to pack, to check in, boarding, flying and landing, Get Ready to Fly is a story/ activity book with crayons packed inside a plush, self adjustable pillow backpack. It all comes in a kid size reusable tote so its easy for mom or dad to keep up with the kit when not in use. Traveling is stressful/hectic enough as it is and with young kids or first time fliers can travel with ease with Let’s Go Chipper Get Ready to Fly kit.

"Lets Go Chipper Get Ready to Fly kit"

This holiday season many of us will be boarding planes to visit family and friends. Being prepared can help reduce the travel stress and Chipper offers simple yet effective tips on the Lets Go Chipper site along with the kit. Simple tips for holiday travel:
* When to fly- Midweek and Saturdays are the most economical days and are generally lighter travel days.

* Photo i.d.- A birth certificate, photo of child and a family picture in the event that your child is lost or separated from you. Little B’s school offered identification cards for $7 at the beginning of school and our police department did them for free back during the summer so we have cards of both boys ready for travel. You can also get Safety Tats for your children, another product I love to have on hand.

* Snack & Entertainment- Try looking out the window if you have window seats and talk about the flight. Have books, coloring material and snacks. You could also take along a special reward for being a good traveler. Chipper says pressure pops (aka suckers) help kids with landing (as long as your child is able to handle a sucker).

With all the electronics out now a days for kids I’m glad to see companies wanting to keep kids imaginations flowing with coloring. Both of my boys love to draw and color. You can find the Lets Go Chipper! Get Ready to Fly kit (on sale $14.98) and other Let’s Go Chipper products online at The Let’s Go Chipper series Into the Great Outdoors is an iParenting and Disney Family Fun award winner. Are you a social media fan? You can follow Let’s Go Chipper on Facebook and Twitter.

disclaimer: I received a Lets Go Chipper Get Ready to Fly kit. free of charge, for the purpose of this written post.

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