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She put up with a lot from him. Thrown furniture, physical and verbal abuse, fights, uncertainty of a good day much less a good future. She eventually made a choice for her self and her newborn. She chose to get away from him. She chose to work her ass off on her own. She chose to be a single Mom. Because of her choices and sacrifices that infant grew up able to make life decisions of her own. That single Mom was my Mom. That infant was me. You can read more about my absent father to get more of my family background. Single Parents Day is coming up March 21 and I have teamed up with Angel Soft to share my love and appreciation for the greatest single parent I know- my Mama.

As I was growing up I watched my Ma work a lot. At the time I couldn’t see how she could choose to work during the day to only see me a few hours in the morning when she worked at the sock factory. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Now that I’m an adult and have children I completely understand the choices and sacrifices she made. I appreciate her hard work and because of the time I spent with other family members I also have not only a strong relationship with my Ma, I am also able to have strong bonds with my other family members.

Because of my Mama’s life choices I was able to learn how to be an independent woman not relying on a man for every little thing. Then later in life when she married my step dad I saw how equal a relationship could be. She taught me that women can do jobs men were usually hired to do. She truly was a woman in a mans world. She helped teach me how to deal when people treat you badly. Her love for me helped me through times that I thought I was grown and didn’t need my mama any more. I was wrong! I’m in my 30s and still need my mama. She drives 2 hours to come help me do things or watch the grand kids for me.

She has a big heart and sometimes that got her hurt but yet she still showed compassion to others (even some who didn’t deserve it). She taught me my frugal ways. As a little girl I felt bad some days that I didn’t get a ton of time with my mom but I’m now grateful that she did what she had to do for me to have the life that I did and now I make sure I still visit with the kids as often as we can.

There were some people that actually told me as a child that I was doomed in life because I came from a broken home. I proudly declared my house was not broken and my Mom was all I needed. Divorced family kids or kids raised by one parent aren’t as messed up as some seem to think. I think I function in society just as well as those who come from a “traditional” family. I know that my single mom raised me all right on her own and that’s all that matters. She had no child support from my bio dad. She was great at hiding the tired eyes of being both mom and dad for me. My childhood is proof that you can thrive with just one parent. She didn’t set out to be a single parent, she just wanted to be the best parent for me and that’s exactly what she was and is.

Thanks Ma, and I love you!

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