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menu plan monday recipes

It’s a good thing I keep my weekly menu plan Monday list on my iPhone and written down in a notebook. Why both? Because I’m clumsy. I accidentally deleted my entire list off of my phone earlier today and wouldn’t be able to remember what all I wanted to cook up this week if I didn’t have my written list. I have some carried over meals from last week that we didn’t get to have so it’s back on the menu for this week. They are calling for a lot of snow 6-14 inches (boo) Tuesday and Wednesday so I’ll need to go back to the store for a few things I forgot to buy before I need them and can’t get out of the driveway.

I fixed the No Peek Chicken recipe again yesterday but it still came out too dry. I reduced the cooking time and added more water and it still came out dry 🙁 I think we will scrap that recipe from the recipe box and just stick with the 20 minute recipe I fix on the stove top vs. the 2 hour recipe in the oven.

I signed up for an account with the menu planning site eMeals over the weekend. I haven’t used it yet but the menu plan for next week will be using their service and I will be sharing my thoughts about it later.

What cooking in Mama’s kitchen this week? I’m starting a new diet plan (will be sharing that later today) so I’m fixing myself my favorites before I start as well as some new healthier recipes to try out on my guys.


Menu Plan Monday


Turkey sausage, egg white and fat free cheese biscuits

out to eat on appointment days
supper leftovers

Supper: (do you say dinner or supper?)
Brunswick stew
Ranch house crock pot pork chops with mashed potatoes and fried apples
Chicken and dumplings with biscuits
Ham with sweet potato pie casserole and corn
Homemade pizza
Country fried steak with potatoes and corn
Skinny chicken tortilla soup

Do you menu plan? What are you cooking this week? Do you participate in Menu Plan Monday? You can find hundreds of other recipes from other bloggers that are linked up to Menu Plan Monday over on Org Junkie. If you write up menu planning posts I suggest sharing them on Org Junkie each week. She is one of the top 10 blogs that refer traffic to Mama Bee Does each month.

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