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Thank you to Alpine Lace for sponsoring this post and helping me find a balanced snack to fuel my day!

With track season starting today my boys and I will be on the go in the evenings again. I try to mix things up so we aren’t eating the same things all the time but at the same time making sure we have a balanced snack before or after our sporting events. I loved going to a local restaurant called Big Lick and ordering their Monte Cristo sandwich. Some days it was great but then some times it was way too greasy. I know it’s not a healthy meal but I only had it on occasion so it was ok. I took my enjoyment for the not so healthy Monte Cristo and made a healthier version for my boys and I.

monte cristo roll ups

Monte Cristo Roll Ups

tortilla shell (I use the 10 in. size and cut in half or slice for pinwheel skewers)
4 slices each of ham and/or turkey deli sliced meat
4 slices Alpine Lace reduced fat swiss cheese
1 & 1/2 tablespoons sugar free raspberry jam or jelly
1 Tablespoon cream cheese (I used the whipped cream cheese so it spreads easiest right from the fridge)
sprinkle of powdered sugar

Spread a layer of the cream cheese on the tortilla shell then spread the jam or jelly on top of the cream cheese. On top of the jam/jelly, layer the slices of deli meats and then add the Alpine Lace reduced fat swiss cheese. Starting at one side of the tortilla shell roll it up. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Sometimes I sprinkle the powdered sugar on the roll up once it is rolled but my boys like the powdered sugar sprinkled inside the roll up before it is rolled. You can wrap the roll up in saran wrap and chill it in the fridge before slicing it or you can eat it right then. If you want to make skewers just chill the roll up for about 30 minutes before you slice in to pinwheels so they are kind of firm to push on to the skewers. I added grapes to the skewers for my boys.

monte cristo roll up skewers

A healthier version of one of my favorites. I like to keep some pre-made in the fridge so if the boys want a roll up packed for lunch they will be good and chilled for the lunch bags or I can slice them up and have them ready for an after track snack.

What are your life ingredients that keep you fueled every day?

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Alpine Lace, but opinions are my own.

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  1. We love tortillas over here. Thanks for sharing another way for us to use them!

  2. These look amazingly simple, and so light! We love Alpine Lace Cheese, and with it being so hot here in the Summer, these would make a perfect lunch!

  3. What a great wrap! Its perfect for tea time with my DD2

  4. Angela S says:

    I never thought to do Monte Cristo as a wrap. It looks delish!

  5. Roll ups are my boys favorite lunch. So easy and so good.


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