New school year with new memories to save in a Shutterfly Yearbook

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Little B has been a second grader for 6 weeks now. It doesn’t feel like it has been that long all ready and I definitely don’t feel like he should be in second grade all ready either. I know many parents say that time goes by really quickly and I now see that it really does. I shared with y’all back in the spring about the new Shutterfly yearbooks and wanted to remind y’all about what Shutterfly has to offer.

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I’ve only seen yearbooks from one brand before seeing the ones from Shutterfly. I was never involved with the layout or design of any of my yearbooks so I’m not exactly sure what all you have control over. I do know that with Shutterfly yearbook ideas you can choose specially designed page templates or you can use the new custom path and make each page look just how you want. With the Shutterfly yearbooks you can use the specially designed page templates to capture school activities along with favorite student, classroom and faculty pictures. You can make each page look just the way you want with the new Custom Path.

If you need 10 or more yearbooks you can contact Shutterfly to see how to get a discount and get yearbooks for your children for a little as $6 a book. Our yearbooks last year were $20 each! I think $6 is a great deal for a yearbook. There’s no months and months to wait on your books either, once you order you can have your yearbooks in as little as 3 weeks.

Are you a member of the PTA or PTP as we are known as at our elementary school? Would you consider using Shutterfly yearbooks for your school this year? If you want to keep up with Shutterfly in social media you can find them on twitter @Shutterfly, you can like the Shutterfly Facebook page and you can also follow Shutterfly on Pinterest and Instagram.

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