Pampers ‘Team USA Sweeps’ & Diapers/Wipes Giveaway

Do you watch the Olympics? Are you ready for the 2012 Olympics in London this year? When you look at your little ones do you ever think little “annie” gets around so fast she could be a marathon runner in the Olympics. Or little “jack” is such a water baby he could be an Olympic swimmer. Did you know that a cruising baby in one day can take as many steps as a marathon runner in a race? The efforts that babies go to in order to overcome everyday challenges โ€“ from learning to crawl, walk or balance, to pulling themselves onto a chair or even a step โ€“ are truly world class in their effort and determination.

"Pampers 'Team USA' limited edition diapers wipes giveaway sweepstakes"

Babies engage in a unique and determined “spirit of play” each and every day through their natural exploration of their world. It is this joyful form of discovery and the everyday challenges that comprise babies’ play that inspired the Pampers brand to team up with some of the most notable and celebrated Olympic athletes and their families like beach Volleyball two-time gold medalist Kerri Walsh. Kerri and other Olympic athletes who are also Moms are helping spread the word about the launch of the Pampers limited edition USA diapers and wipes that will be hitting shelves sometime this month.

"Pampers limited edition USA diapers wipes sweepstakes giveaway"

How would you like to experience the 2012 Olympics in London? Now through May 19th the Pampers Facebook page is running the Team USA Sweeps. Each week through August 12 Pampers will be randomly selecting winners that will win a month supply of diapers and wipes along with a volley ball signed by Kerri Walsh. You could also win the grand prize trip for 4 to the 2012 London Olympic games as well as the opportunity to attend the first ever Pampers Playground event along with Kerri Walsh and her family. How cool is that?

I was sent a box of size 3 limited edition Pampers Cruisers and wipes thanks to Pampers. As we leave for Germany this summer I’ll be glad to have a part of “home” with us as Baby D sports his USA diapers. The limited edition “USA” Pampers will only be available in sizes 3,4 and 5.

"Pampers 'Team USA' sweepstakes free diapers wipes giveaway"

We have 1 economy size box (186 diapers) of size 3 limited edition ‘USA’ Pampers Cruisers diapers and 1 pack of 72 wipes to give to a Mama Bee Does reader. Retail value of the set is $53.99!

Mandatory entry– What Olympic game could you see your baby or toddler competing in when they are older?

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This giveaway will end May 4, 2012 at 11:59pm EDT. Giveaway is open to US residents only. Of the valid entries we will use the “And the Winner Is” plug in to choose a winner. The winner will be notified by email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to the notification email or a new winner will be drawn.


disclaimer: I received a set of diapers and wipes for sharing this post with our readers. Anything given by Pampers to us/our readers is not intended as payment for any favorable opinions.


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    I could see my daughter doing gymnastics, she such a little monkey!

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  10. Being a USA Gymnast! She loves her gym class! Would love to win these diapers and wipes for my son, thanks for the giveaway!

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  13. Gina J says:

    I could see my little man being a pole vaulter for the Olympics! He loves to jump in his jumper

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    gymnastics for sure!

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  24. Sharon says:

    I think my daughter could compete in track

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  26. Kristi C

    My child would want to compete in soccer because he loves kicking a ball around.

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    I could see my daughter compete in swimming.

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  35. Sarah W says:

    Definitely gymnastics or swimming! She’s all over the place and loves her bath! If soccer were part of the Olympics, that would have been my first choice. She looooves to kick!

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  37. Betty Antibus says:

    Compete in swimming!

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  45. McKim says:

    I can see my little grandson competing in swimming. He just loves the water.

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    I can see my little grandson competing in swimming. He just loves the water.
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  56. Tarah says:

    Soccer! At 13 months he already loves to kick the soccer ball around!

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  59. My youngest would likely win a talking sport if they had it but will settle on the long jump.

  60. Laura says:

    I so could see my son in the shot put he loves to throw things as hard and far as he can. Sometimes I get in the way and I am the target lol

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    The way my 8-month old bounces around, I could see her doing gymnastics.

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    I could see my son in swimming!!

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    I could see him doing track, he’s a great runner

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    I could see him doing wrestling!

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    track and field

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    I can’t! My son is more brains than brawn ๐Ÿ˜›

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  126. brenda says:

    is sumo an olympic sport? haha

  127. LUCINDA HABEL says:

    The way my son can throw a toy, I see him in the discus one day!

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    I think my daughter would be more into gymnastics:) Thanks!

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  146. I’ve got swimmers (although if they ever make karate an Olympic sport we’ve got that covered too!)

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    He would be in Track and Field

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    my grandson would be excellent at the poll jump. he has been jumping since he could sit upright.

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    Mandatory entry- What Olympic game could you see your baby or toddler competing in when they are older?


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    Figure Skating!

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    Definitely curling lol…..while sitting ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    My daughter would be an Olympic swimmer! She is such a fish.

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    He would be good at soccer

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    I could see my sons doing the Luge.

  190. shelly peterson says:
  191. My husband and I were both gymnasts so I would think that would be her sport but maybe hockey!

  192. Dawn Reid says:

    I could see my son doing the swimming

  193. Amy DeLong says:

    some type of running or swimming

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