Pinterest Pin worthy? Vinegar and Dawn DIY tub cleaner

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"Pinterest pin test Mama Bee Does"

I saw a pin on Pinterest where she used hot white vinegar and Dawn to clean the tub. She let it set an hour or two and then wiped it down. Clean tub with no scrubbing? Yes please! So I got around to trying this out a couple weeks ago. So is this pin really pin worthy? YES! It worked for me.

"clean shower tub with vinegar and Dawn"
The link to the pin isn’t working for me anymore but here is what you need to do…

Vinegar and Dawn DIY tub cleaner

Heat 1/2 Cup white vinegar in the microwave For 90 Seconds, let it cool a bit so you don’t melt your pray bottle then pour it into the spray bottle. Add 1/2 Cup Dawn dish soap. She said the blue (original) Dawn needed to be used but I looked through my stockpile and went with the orange antibacterial Dawn. I wanted the orange fresh scent left behind instead of vinegar or blue Dawn. I wasn’t sure what the smell was going to be like so I wanted the more fresh scent so I am guessing that any variety of Dawn would work. Shake up your closed spray bottle gently to mix. Spray on the surface you want cleaned in my case the shower/tub and let It sit 1-2 hours. Once it has set, just wipe it away, then rinse with water. No scrubbing needed and I seriously did not scrub a thing in my tub. Just wiped it with a damp sponge. This vinegar and Dawn DIY tub cleaner should also remove soap scum from shower doors. I sprayed everything, top to bottom, the fixtures and all. It all came clean and was smelling fresh. I am sure this vinegar and Dawn DIY tub cleaner could be used on so much more to clean. I know it works on removing Gak from hair too 😉

vinegar and Dawn DIY tub cleaner

vinegar and Dawn DIY tub cleaner

vinegar and Dawn DIY tub cleaner

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  1. I NEED to try this!! My least favorite task is cleaning the bathroom – especially the tub.

  2. My least favorite task is washing dishes. I’d rather clean the toilet than wash dishes :p

  3. What a great pin! I absolutely despise any type of cleaning so I am for sure going to be trying this!

  4. I will defiitely try this!

  5. Grace Hodgin says:

    Vinegar is a miracle cleaner and works well on so many things. I only use vinegar and baking soda to clean with.

  6. Mariah

    I wonder about some of the ideas I see on Pinterest too! Like cleaning grout! I had to test that one out and it worked wonders in my kitchen. I love this one too!

  7. Very nice! I hate scrubbing the tub so thankyou. I wonder if this would work on mildew in my shower…

  8. Susan says:

    I will have to try this, why not it may work wonders?

  9. Robin H says:

    White Vinegar, Baking Soda and Dish Soap are the only ingredients I use to clean my house. It works on absolutely everything! I have real tile in my kitchen-the kind that is not smooth. It catches all of the dirt being tracked in and all of the messes I make while cooking. I make about a gallon of hot water, add a good squirt of dish soap (I had Gain dish soap on hand-any will do) and dump some vinegar in it and scrub with a brush on a long handle (the kind used to clean carpets). If there is an especially bad stain, I will pour straight vinegar on the stain and sprinkle baking soda and let sit while I clean another area. Works like a charm. The vinegar also deodorizes smells. Using baking soda in the tub/shower area will not scratch. The only thing I wouldn’t use vinegar on is wood. It will eventually take the finish off. For that, I prefer Murphy’s Oil.

  10. Will definitely try this. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I hadn’t heard of this before. What a neat idea. I’m glad to know it works.

  12. I just pinned this! I’ll be trying this.

  13. i HATE scrubbing the shower and i’m all out of friendly products. i’m SO trying this!!!

  14. Not only is that helpful, it’s a lot cheaper than buying cleaners.

  15. Yes it does work. I’ve also tried it!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I just tried this and OMG it didn’t do ANYTHING. My shower was just as dirty as it was before. I did everything exactly as this post says. I measured 1/2 cup of each and I heated the vinegar up so that it was hot. I sprayed it all around the shower and left it for over an hour. I set a timer. I went in the bathroom with a spongue and got instantly almost knocked out with the vinegar smell. The room wasn’t closed up ever. It’s made my whole house smell like vinegar. I had to open my one bathroom window just to stop my eyes from watering and mind you there is two feet of snow outside. I started wiping down all the surfaces of the shower and it didn’t work. I still had the feet dirt spots and it didn’t do anything for the soap scum. It’s all still there. Guess it’s back to the chemical stuff. I do not reccommend using this as all you will do is waste your time.

  17. I can’t believe this didn’t work for Elizabeth. I love it. Also, vinegar does have a bad smell, but it normally goes away within 10 minutes. Something sounds fishy here. Are you sure you used vinegar?

  18. I use ajax instead of dawn and it works just as good. And cheaper on the pocket book.

  19. Alyssa says:

    I just tried this and it worked amazing!!! It hasn’t been an hour yet but I sprayed and waited a few minutes and wiped a little spot off and it was already clean!! I can’t wait to clean it all off in an hour. That’s the best cleaner ever and for wayyy cheaper than the “best” cleaners out there. Btw I used gain dish soap and I still got the same results. 🙂 amazing.

  20. jessica says:

    i would like to ask, must use only Dawn brand? can i replace with any other dish wash brand? coz i dont think i can get Dawn in Malaysia.

  21. We try not to use to many products around my daughter due to allergies and asthma so this would be great! Thanks for testing it.

  22. Thanks! I will definitely have to try this.

  23. Bibiana says:

    Once I use it the first time, does the remaining solution need to be warmed up the next time I use it? Thank you!

    • Bibiana, I always use the solution all at one time with our showers so I’ve never had any solution left over to need to reheat.

  24. Jennifer says:

    I will be trying this solution this weekend when I clean my bathroom! Will this work just as well on my bathroom counters?

  25. This product does work!!!!! I would like to know if anyone knows how to rinse the shower out if you don’t have spray attachments other than throwing buckets of water on the shower and glass. I need to get all the dawn off so it does not leave soap spots in the glass which is two sides of my shower.

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