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I am not that good at accessorizing an outfit. Reno Rose Inc. can help with that. Reno Rose Inc. was established June of 2009. The Pirose fashion scarf gives you over 12 different ways to wear/use as a fashionable accessory. Inspired by the grace of a ballerina and the movement of pirouettes, Pirose is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind, multi-way scarf with endless fashion potential. From a scarf around the neck, to a shawl to keep your shoulders covered to the many ways to wear it in between Pirose has you covered. The Pirose scarves are available in 3 different sizes and many colors/designs. I was sent the Tobi for review. The Pirose comes with it’s own little carry bag that you can keep in your purse to keep it on hand. It also comes with an instruction sheet on how to get 12 ways to wear it (you can wear your Pirose however you see fit). As I mentioned the design of my Pirose is called Tobi. I like the bold print and the blues of the Tobi Pirose. It made it easy to match it with multiple outfits in my closet. From jeans and a tank to my little black dress. The Pirose can easily go from daily casual to night sophistication in a quick twist.

"Pirose scarf nursing cover"

I wore my Pirose as a head scarf, a neck scarf, a shawl (in many different ways) and Baby B decided to accessorize his own way and used my Pirose as a cape and cowboy bandit face cover. As a stay at home mom who doesn’t get out much to dress up I probably wouldn’t wear the Pirose much as a cover up or shawl. I do wear it a lot in my hair, and I’ve wore it more as a scarf just around my neck than down over my shoulders. I think if I purchased a Pirose for myself I would get the Jordyn or Aki for a more spring/summer look but I will still use my Tobi throughout the year though because I have a lot of blues and blacks in my wardrobe. Not only can you wear it but you can also use it as a pop of color tied on to your purse.

You can purchase the Pirose for $35. It comes in small, medium and large. These are not like your regular clothes sizing either. Fashion is all about proportion – the key is to find the best Pirose size for your wardrobe, and the right one for you might not match your normal clothing size. If you are petite or fuller figured, Reno Rose suggests the small or medium to draw attention upward, which will elongate and flatter your figure. If you are tall, they recommend a Large. Choosing the right size depends not only on your figure but also on the look you wish to achieve with this versatile fashion accessory. A Small size lends a subtle accent, while a Large size offers a more dramatic effect. They give you examples of each sizing so you can choose the size for the look you prefer.

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Overall I am pleased with the Pirose from Reno Rose Inc. and will continue to use it. I do think the price is a bit much but I also know that fabric isn’t cheap. You can follow Reno Rose on Facebook and @RenoRoseInc on Twitter.

*Update* I apologize for confusing the Pirose for fashion with the Pirose Nurf nursing cover. I thought all the Pirose scarves were the same product but was informed today by the company that they indeed have 2 different products and are made as such. That is why the Pirose for fashion is a tad sheer as I previously had mentioned because it’s not made for nursing. If you want the product for nursing then you want the Pirose Nurf (Pirose for nursing) which is indeed completely different from the regular Pirose fashion scarf. Again I apologize for the confusion and have removed my thoughts of the Pirose as a nursing cover.

disclaimer: I received the Tobi Pirose, free of charge from Reno Rose Inc., for the purpose of this Mama Buzz review.

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