Planning a second wedding- we have set a date!

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Jersey boy aka Proud Geek Daddy surprised me back in July when he proposed to me in front of my family and friends right before we were going to reveal the gender of our baby. I always thought I would get married only once but here I am planning a second wedding. I let go of all my previous thoughts on marriage and weddings, well maybe not all of my thoughts on them but I learned that things don’t always go as planned and things change and I’m in a good place. Geek Daddy and I had talked here and there about how we felt for one another and that we both felt like we were in a good place as a whole and would eventually want to talk marriage. He said he knew I was the one after a couple dates. The further I got with my pregnancy with miss Kaylee the more time I had on bed rest so I had a good amount of time to spend on Pinterest looking at many different baby pins and wedding ideas. We were pretty much starting over in the baby department as my youngest was 8 and his was 9. Then as far as a wedding, we both have been married once before and we had a few different ideas on what we would like for a second wedding. Planning a second wedding has been less stressful and more enjoyable so far.

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We had looked at beach wedding venues along the east coast that would be a half way point for both sides of our family to travel. His family is in NJ and mine is in VA. None of the beach destinations seemed like “the one”. Then we thought about getting married at Disney or taking a cruise. Neither of those options gave me that feeling of what I wanted to feel as a bride. My first wedding I felt caught between choosing parts of everything between my Mom and my fiance. I told Proud Geek Daddy that the only thing I felt honestly was my choice was my wedding dress and who I had as my bridal party. Everything else was simply settled on. I didn’t want that this time around. I told him I don’t need another big wedding. I had one and it was not me. I knew I’d find what I was looking for even though I wasn’t really sure what that was just yet.

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The good news is we have a date picked out. I will become Mrs. Geek Daddy July 22, 2017. I will be sharing more the further we get with planning and the closer we get to saying I do. We also are doing something else not in the ordinary and we are honeymooning before the wedding. More on that to come as well.

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