Product Buzz: Goodies from Lil Outlaws + Giveaway

Jacklen from Lil’ Outlaws and I met via Twitter (Yay twitter). I was looking for companies that would like to have a review done of their product(s). She was nice enough to send me not 1 but 4 products to review!

Lil’ Outlaws is a online shop geared more towards eco friendly (crunchy) cloth diapering moms but even if you arent any of those could still like Lil’ Outlaws. She sells laundry and diapering items, Bath & Body products and even some Arts & crafts stuff. I’m all about smelly goods so I was excited to try out some Lil’ Outlaws goodies.

First up, I tried out the Lil’ Outlaws Cloth Diaper safe laundry detergent. There are so many interesting scents to choose from I didn’t know where to start. So many of them sound so yummy (not that I would eat it or anything) and the 2 that Jacklen sent me indeed do smell delicious. She sent me Froot Loops and Apple Butter Pie samples in the detergent. I decided to use the Froot Loops. I first used it on Baby B’s cloth diapers. They came out smelling just like Froot Loops cereal, but not overly strong smelling. I have a top loading washer so I won’t get as many loads per bag of detergent than I would if I had a front loading/ HE washer. One thing I did learn with the powdered detergent. Dont dump it in to a cold wash cycle in oone spot. Sprinkle it around the water. I dumped in in one spot with a cold cycle and it stayed in that one clump once the wash started. All the loads since then I have sprinkled it around and no clumps. I have also used the detergent on Little B and Baby B’s clothes. This detergent containes no soap, enzymes, borax or bleach. If your little ones have sensitive skin (Baby B does) you can still use this detergent with no worries and still have good smelling laundry.

Next, I tried out the Pail Pardner. One of the bags that came in my package ended up open in route to my house and I could tell b/c there was powder slowly dropping from a corner of the box so I opened the box over my sink so I didnt make a mess in the kitchen floor. I’m glad I did. Some of the strawberry ice pail pardner got down the drain and now when I wash dishes I can smell it 🙂 Pail pardner is a multi-purpose deodorizing powder. I mainly used it in the cloth diaper pail in the basement. Just sprinkle a little when you add a diaper and no stinkies! It has also been used as a drain deodorizer (as I mentioned above), a regular trash can deodorizer (great when you forget to take the bag downstairs and it has chicken papers in it from where I fixed chicken tenders the night before) and I sprinkled some between the matress and sheet of Baby B’s crib bed.

Then we went on to the Rump Rub, an all natural rash balm. When used in a thin layer I used this on Baby B without a liner in his cloth diapers. It can also be used for eczema, itchy pregnancy bellies and more. Just about anywhere you have dry skin or rash Rump Rub can be used. Its not just for rumps. it contains no nut products, lanolin, lavendar or tea tree oil. When your plastic jar runs empty you can send the jar back to Lil’ Outlaws and she will refill it and take $0.50 off the refill price. When I saw the scent name on the sample pack I had to laugh. It was Monkey Farts! Funny name but a really good scent. It reminds me of a some kind of candy or bubble gum I used to get as a kid but can’t exactly put my finger on which one it was. I guess its best described as a sweet, fruity scent? Regardless, I like it, I like it a lot.

Jacklen also sent me the Silky Lip Butter. You can get the lip butter balm unflavored or peppermint. I got the peppermint. Its like a “I just brushed my teeth now come give me some sugar” kind of thing. It goes on really smooth but doesnt cake up. The lip balm is made of pure extra virgin olive oil, shea and cocoa butters, vitamin E and beeswax (Daddy B’s favorite part besides getting peppermint smoochies).

See the picture at the beginning of my post? The 4 samples? They can all be yours! I am giving away the sample pack of the detergent, pail pardner, rump rub and the lip balm (plus a business card to get 10% off an order). The scents are apple butter pie (detergent), Sandalwood (pail pardner), Monkey Farts (Rump Rub) and a peppermint lip balm. Want to win it all?

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I will close this giveaway on 9/4/09 at 1pm ET. Winner will be notified and annonced shortly after. Winner will have 48 hrs to get me their maling info or I will draw another winner. Open to US residents only, sorry. Winner will be chosen via

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