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"#IamASmartie Smarties allergen free #Halloween candy"

You take the kids trick or treating and get home. They are ready to dive head first into the bag(s) but being the great parent that you are you know you have to inspect the goods first. If you have a child with a gluten, chocolate or nut allergy that cuts out a majority of treats that are given out at Halloween. It can be a bummer when you have to take away a lot of the candy that the kiddos get because of their allergies. Thank goodness for candy like Smarties. Did you know Smarties candy rolls are a allergen safe candy? Smarties are vegan, gluten free, great for chocolate or nut allergies and they taste great.

You can find Smarties at many mass retail stores. I bought ours at Walmart. Walmart carries the small bags of Smarties for $1.98 or you can go all out with the giant (2 & 3/4 lb) bag of Smarties for $4.48. I bought some small bags to put in the Lego pinata last weekend. I knew that there were kids coming from Little B’s class and I didn’t want to have anyone feeling left out in case there were allergies I didn’t know about so I got Smarties so everyone could enjoy safely. Being in the wrapper like they are you can very easily tell if the Smarties had been tampered with but sometimes they come unrolled on their own.

"#IamASmartie Smarties allergy free Halloween candy"

I bought a large bag of Smarties to keep at the house. Daddy B and I both enjoy Smarties. He has no allergies, Smarties are just a favorite of his. Me, I can’t have candy with peanuts or peanut butter so Smarties are a safe candy for me. It’s one of my favorites anyways, they would always disappear first from my treat bag.

"#IamASmartie Smarties candy basket candy gram crafts"

"#IamASmartie Smarties candy note candy gram encouragement craft"

You can also craft with Smarties. You can make airplanes, candy diplomas, and much more. We used crumbled up Smarties mixed in to a white cake mix to make our own funfetti cake mix with Smarties cupcake toppers. The boys and I also made little Halloween baskets out of Smarties. The baskets could be used for Halloween, Easter or a Teacher gift. Then I made a candy gram encouragement note that could be stashed in a binder or backpack on days that your child has a big test coming up. Smarties are a great choice for not just Halloween but all year round. I shared ways that #IamASmartie, if you have a project/recipe/craft that you used with Smarties I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. Carrie Phelps says:

    These crafts are adorable!!

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful post, Shanaka. So glad you and your family can enjoy Smarties!!!! -Liz

  3. I love the idea of Smarties crafts! So cute!

  4. Lisa

    I love your crafts!

  5. I love Smarties! Cute ideas, too!

  6. Cindy

    Great crafts!!

  7. Love it! Stop over when you have time and link up these great ideas in my Halloween Link up!! Super idea.


  8. pammypam

    i was just looking TODAY for peanut free treats for my littles. thanks for the tip!

  9. I’ve been a Smarties fan since I was a kid. The craft ideas are fantastic!

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