Smencils & Smens Scented Pencils & Pens Review

I love typing. The emails, blog posts, text messages it’s all easy but I also enjoy the old school pencil/pen and paper. I leave Little B notes in his lunch for school and occasionally I’ll hide little notes for Daddy B around here and there for him to find. There’s something that feels more personal about writing a note for someone in your own handwriting.
"Smencils scented pencils review"

"Smens scented eco friendly pen review"

In elementary school I had the little lead pencils that were plastic and scented. The smell never lasted more than a week though. I have been taken back to my kindergarten days thanks to The Smencil Company. The Smencil Co. makes scented pencils, pens and colored pencils. What is so special about pencils and pens? Well The Smencil Company makes their pencils and pens from recycled newspaper barrels and biodegradable plastics. An eco-friendly company. I love it!
"Smencil scented eco-friendly pencil review"

The Smencil Company makes scented Original Smencils (pencils)and Colored Smencils by wrapping recycled newspapers tightly around a graphite or colored core. The Original Smencils and colored Smencils are available in 10 yummy scents: bubble gum, cinnamon, tropical blast, grape, cotton candy, very berry, black cherry, orange, watermelon and root beer. Once each pencil is wrapped with the recycled newspaper it is soaked in the gourmet liquid scents and once they are dry the eraser and scent label sticker are added then they are put into a corn based biodegradable freshness tube. The Smencils are #2 pencils so they are good to allow the kids to use at school but that might not be a good idea because everyone will want to use their Smencils because they smell so good.
"colored Smencil scented eco friendly pencil review"

"Smen scented eco friendly pen review"

The Smens are made with the recycled newspaper the same way as the Smencils along with some biodegradable plastics. The Smens are soaked in the gourmet liquid scents the same as the Smencils too and stored in the corn based biodegradable freshness tube. The Smens are available in 10 scents: Pink lemonade, red licorice, Banana Fo fana, ninja berry, Aloha, caramel corn, black licorice, creamsicle, passion fruit and mocha. My favorite is the pink lemonade and the creamsicle.

"Smencils & Smens scented pencils & pens review"

"colored smencil scented pencil review"
Both the Smencils and Smens work just as regular pencil or pen but they smell better than wood, lead and plastic. The boys and I have enjoyed using and smelling our variety of Smencils and Smens. I really hope these last at least the guaranteed 2 years.

disclaimer: I received a variety of Smencils and Smens from The Smencil Company for the purpose of this review thanks to The Family Review Network. All opinions of the company/ product(s) are that of Mama Bee Does and family.

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  1. Lisa

    I love Smencils. 🙂

  2. Sounds cool! I had fruit scented markers as a kid and I loved them.

  3. I’ve never tried them, but they do sound cool. I may have to get some for my classroom next year. 😀

  4. I’ve tried the smencils before, but have to look out for the smens. Plus the name makes me giggle 🙂

  5. pammypam

    who doesnt want smelly pens and pencils?

  6. Huge fan of these! Great review.

  7. Thanks for the great review. Glad to hear you and Little B are Smencil fans!

    We wanted all of our loyal Smencils fans to be the first to know that are bringing “Smanimals” to life. Pink Llamanade, Kangarootbeer, Mint Chocolate Chipmunk and friends are on a journey to become real scented stuffed animals. You can track with their busy lives at at or

    Thanks again for all the Smencil love!

    The Smencils Team

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