Special announcement we have- May the 4th be with us #babyannouncement #StarWarsDay

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It’s Star Wars day. May the 4th be with us. Jersey Boy and I have an announcement we have been excitedly awaiting to share with everyone today…

Oh sith! A bump in the force there has been! Pregnant I am.

star wars baby announcement

The reaction from my 8 year old at the end of the video had us laughing so much. I wasn’t sure how they would take the news but we were pleasantly surprised by all three. All three of the kids are excited to have a little brother or sister in November. The first trimester was a bit rocky with some scares and not so fun morning sickness but we made it through and our little jedi is thriving with a heart rate in the 170s as of this week. Baby is measuring a little ahead of the calculated due date but since my other two babies weighed 9 lbs 9oz. and 9lbs. 11oz. #3 may be another big one. It’s been difficult not sharing the news on social media until now. There’s definitely no hiding it in person anymore. My bump has made an appearance. I had an employee in a store ask me last week if I was due any day now!?! I was like umm no sir I’m not due until November. Then he asked me if I was having twins or triplets. I said no, just one. He kept making jokes and then jokingly I said keep making fun and I will bring you one of the twins/triplets when they are born. He laughed and said oh no, I’m good.

star wars baby announcement

We are headed to Walt Disney World today to spend the weekend at Disney for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. I have Chewie and an autograph book ready to go for baby and a Star Wars maternity shirt along with my other Disney bounding outfits to wear so we can celebrate and get lots of Disney family photos and baby bump pics. This will be a first family trip for the 5 of us (6 counting the bun in the oven) and first visit to Disney World for my two boys and of course the baby 😉

I look forward to sharing pregnancy and baby updates along the way and introducing the newest addition to the blog this fall.

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