Store Wars- Shop online or in store?

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"shop online or in store"

I find myself wondering here lately if it’s better to shop online or in store? Do you do more online shopping or driving to town and visiting the actual brick and mortar store buildings and shopping? I do a little of both, about 50-50. Some days I enjoy going to a store, browsing or window shopping (which usually ends in me buying something) and trying things on/out. It seems to be more time consuming but for some it’s the way to shop. Recently I have found in store shopping to be more of a hassle than anything. I’ll see commercials for something and go out to see if it’s something I really want/need and there will be crowds or they will be out of stock in my size or what I want or be completely sold out. Wasted trip and gas right? I love having the option to see things in person though like makeup. Makeup is something I will not buy online unless it’s something I know will work for me. Shopping online has pros and cons just as well as in store shopping. I get to search for items in different browser tabs to see who has the best deal, after all we all want the best deals right? Then I can browse coupon sites like those that offer top new year coupon codes to save even more. What is one of the downsides of shopping online? The online shipping fees, not every store offers free shipping. I have found great deals on things like clothes but then see the shipping fee and figure it would be cheaper to just go to a store and buy it there (if it’s in stock). For example I go to an online store and end up with items that are $20 and shipping is $8 but if you spend $40 you get free shipping. Do I say hmm is the extra $20 in items really worth saving the $8 shipping? No way! If you look an item up online and go to the store to buy it and the online price ends up being cheaper what do you do? Go ahead and buy it while you are there? Or go back home and buy it from your laptop sitting in your sweats while sipping iced coffee? I know I’m not the only one that shops from home like that. In-store buyers beware? Apparently, we would be better off going back home and paying the cheaper price there? If it were a big difference in the price I’d probably go back home and shop but if it were only a couple dollars I’d most likely just hand it to the cashier to ring up right then and there. The biggest example of store wars? Black Friday vs Cyber Monday.

So depending on my mood, what I am shopping for and how much time and money I have are all factors in where I do my shopping. What about you? Where do you do the majority of your shopping? Shop online or in store?

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  1. Layne

    If I can shop without the kids.. I like to go to the store. Otherwise, I’m doing a lot of online shopping these days 🙂 The only thing I miss about in store shopping is being able to touch fabrics, try things on immediately.. otherwise, I do like the selection/sizes available online!

  2. I prefer to shop online also. The only thing that I prefer to get in-store is clothing. Just to see the quality and fit. Otherwise, for many reasons such as not having to load up 2 toddlers and all that jazz, I do love online shopping! Great post!
    Jenn Park recently posted..We found another one! $1.00 off TWO 3 Big Roll Brawny Paper TowelsMy Profile

  3. I’m with you ladies. Sometimes I like to store shop kids free 🙂

  4. It really depends for me. I mean if there’s a great online deal, I’ll shop online. However, I like to buy somethings in person to see if I really like it.
    Lindsay recently posted..Use ProFlowers to Order Flowers and CandyMy Profile

  5. Tammi

    I only shop online if the price is outstanding and the shipping is free, otherewise a deal is not a deal. This doesn’t go for clothes for me though, thats too much of a gamble – in store for that

  6. Honestly, I prefer to shop online. Going out to an actual brick and mortar store is only fun when it’s myself and the hubby then it’s like a vacation from the kids however I still find online to just be more convenient.
    Anne Younger recently posted..Should My Kids Have Separate Study Rooms And Bedrooms?My Profile

  7. I think it depends for me too. Lately I’ve been doing Iots of online shopping. Mainly because of the deals most online shops have been having ever since the New Year and less crowds, but if there is something that they have only in store then I’m there. I’d say it’s about 50/50 here too.
    LaQuita recently posted..Reader’s Digest: Treasury of Joy and Inspiration Book ReviewMy Profile

  8. I prefer shopping online for sure.. unfortunately I have to do most of the grocery shopping at the actual store.. on occasion I treat myself to delivery with Peapod.
    Dawn Lopez recently posted..AquaVie Skincare Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  9. Since most online stores offer free shipping and easy returns (in store, especially) I love to shop online. But shopping in stores is still fun.
    ConnieFoggles recently posted..Favorite Windows 8X Phone Social Media Apps #vzwaMy Profile

  10. I prefer in store! I’m weird. 🙂

  11. dana vee

    my couch, my slippers, my sweatshirt and a great internet connection, ,make shopping at home a breeze.. now if i could just get those groceries here as easily:) Dana

  12. I do both depending on the mood and products I need to buy.
    Danielle recently posted..Over The Door Wrapping Paper Storage SolutionMy Profile

  13. I’d say my online shopping is 75%…. simply because I can find a lot of better deals online through Amazon Prime, and what I want instead of settling for something similar I found locally. Plus I HATE shopping!!!! Online is fun for me, I love researching products and finding the best deal!
    Kendra Krebs recently posted..Life is getting busier!My Profile

  14. I prefer to shop in stores. I like to touch the items I’m buying. Sometimes I’ll do research in store and then buy online if I can get a better price and free shipping.
    Cindy recently posted..Chicken Soup for the Soul: Shaping the New You GiveawayMy Profile

  15. Everyone seems to have their own methods for shopping but it still looks to be 50-50 maybe?
    Shanaka recently posted..How to Make Marshmallow FondantMy Profile

  16. OMG that cartoon! i hafta shop in stores for pants and shoes; gotta try them on. otherwise i’m all cyber shopping!
    pammypam recently posted..Guest Post by Jesse Wilson, author of The Night the Moon Ate My RoomMy Profile

  17. Pam, haha yeah I thought it was pretty funny :p

  18. That cartoon is hilarious and about right! Somethings are easier to buy online. If you hate shopping, online is the way to go!

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