The most adorable Haute Baby clothes from LaBella Flora children’s boutique

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Kaylee just turned 10 months old on September 18th. I have tried my best to take monthly photos of her. The older she gets the harder it is to get good photos of her. She’s crawling, cruising, and attempting to start walking. Ten month olds are difficult models unless you can bribe them with their favorite snack (puffs). Some days I am torn between wanting her to stay a baby forever and wanting to see the woman she grows to be.

haute baby clothes labella flora

She loves music, playing with her toys, watching anime withe her Daddy, and looooves to eat. She has 7 teeth, working on number 8 popping through soon. She is very curious and is always touching things to see what they feel and a lot of times taste like. One thing she enjoys is playing with the fabric of her shirts and dresses. I didn’t think I’d be one of the mom’s who had her daughter in all the frills, lace, and really girly looking clothes and yet here I am and here she is looking all adorable in her haute baby clothes from LaBella Flora baby girls dress boutique.

haute baby clothes purrfect autumn blooms outfit

We used the Haute Baby clothes outfit for her 10 month pictures. They show her off in all her 10 month old glory of not wanting to look at me or sit still for more than a couple seconds. I fell in love with LaBella Flora as soon as it was introduced to me. It’s everything I said I would never put on my daughter if/when I had one and I’m glad to say I was wrong. The Haute Baby Autumn Blooms swing set looks so cute on Kaylee. The leggings are soft and the tunic is bright and colorful. Kaylee loves rolling the skirt of the tunic in her hand making the tunic flow. She’s not sure about the lace when it catches her eye sitting down but she doesn’t try to pull it off or anything.

haute baby purrfect autumn blooms tunic leggings

I love big bows, and I can not lie. My younger self didn’t care much for the frills and giant bows on baby girls and now I have my girl in both just about daily. I couldn’t resist. I fell in love and I fell hard. It’s amazing what having a daughter can do to you haha.

haute baby clothes autumn blooms

Have you purchase Haute Baby clothes? You should check out the selection at LaBella FLora and browse all of the other adorable brands they carry. I may need a second job to support my baby girl clothes buying habit. They also carry tween and junior sizes as well.

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