Adulting stinks! Give me some cereal and Scooby Doo toons in my blanket fort

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I know it’s been more of a cricket chirping silence around the blog lately than much buzz of blog posts. Life has dealt me a heck of a hand lately and I’ve been trying to deal the best I can. Daddy B and I are working on papers to file for divorce after being separated for a while. Then last week I hurt my lower back and was sent from work by ambulance to the ER. They diagnosed it as sciatica of the left side along with some damage to my L4 and L5 and I have been going to physical therapy. The first few days I literally did nothing but eat, hobble to the bathroom and lay on my couch. I only slept because of the medicines the Dr. gave me at the hospital. Let me tell ya, dealing with getting a divorce where I moved away from my family when I got married, I am thankful for the great friends I made here in the ‘burg these past few years. They helped get me home from the ER, brought dinners for my boys and I, took me to some physical therapy sessions and kept a check on me daily by call, email or text. I was feeling kind of down and alone and in come my friends to help me pick up the pieces. My two boys have been a great help at home as well. Once I could hobble around with a crutch I went to MasterCuts to pay someone to wash my hair for me and ended up getting a hair color and cut so I feel a little fresher even if I can’t function normally.

red highlights black hair

I am able to get around again but am still going to therapy to work on being able to bend and squat without pain. I spent today trying to catch back up on some house tidying. I love my boys and I love that they tried their best to help out while I was unable to get up and do what Mama needed to do and man oh man was the house looking rough. Sure my house looks lived in by children and a puppy most days but having Mama on bed rest for a couple days made things even worse. I managed to get some laundry done (done as in washed,dried, folded and put away and not just washed and forgotten in the washer to mildew), get dishes washed (aka fill up the dishwasher), and clear off my kitchen table of junk mail that had piled up. I am going to bed early tonight.

Being an adult sucks right now. Divorce, not being able to work, trying to find a house to move in, all along with all the other daily grown up joys of life. I just want to stay in my Batman pj’s and eat a bowl of Trix cereal and watch some Scooby Doo cartoons in my blanket fort for a day. Is that too much to ask? Speaking of Batman and Scooby Doo…

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