Dollar Shave Club is for ladies too! (razor handle, 4 cartridges, $5 credit all for $1!)

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When Geek Daddy and I first started sharing a bathroom I noticed a Bathroom Minutes booklet and package of razor cartridges on the sink next to his shaving supplies. I was intrigued, so later that evening I asked him about the booklet. He said he gets the Dollar Shave Club razor cartridges delivered once a month instead of paying $17-$25 for the ones in the stores. I thought if he pays $6-9 a month for razor cartridges that keep him freshly shaven looking and smooth then what’s to say these razors wouldn’t work for me on my legs? If they are good enough for course facial hair then my leg hair shouldn’t give it any problems, right?

dollar shave club review

I finally recently asked him to add a razor handle and box of cartridges to his next order for me. He happily obliged, he knew good razors for me= smooth legs to snuggle up to and less $$$ out of my pocket and he knows I love a good deal. When our Dollar Shave Club package came in the mail it had been a couple days ok maybe weeks since I had shaved my legs. In my defense it was the middle of winter and I had just given birth to a 10.3 lb. baby and reaching to shave my legs was not at the top of my priority list, I was lucky to remember to shower during those first few days.

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I have been using the razor handle and cartridges from Dollar Shave Club for a few weeks now and there is no going back to the $20 lady cartridges for me! I don’t need a pink sparkly “lady” razor I just need a good razor that will keep my legs smooth and not cut up looking and the cartridges I get from Dollar Shave Club get the job done. My legs are smooth and I don’t get any cuts from shaving and it costs me a LOT less.

dollar shave club

For a limited time with Dollar Shave Club you can get a razor handle, 4 razor refill cartridges, a $5 credit to use later at Dollar Shave Club all for just $1 shipped. This deal is for your first month only and a $14 value! If you choose to continue with Dollar Shave Club (depending on what your choices are) you will then be billed $9 every month that you choose to continue with DSC. Your cartridges will be delivered once a month and if you need them sooner for whatever reason you can choose to have them shipped out immediately instead of waiting on the next repeat delivery. You can also add to your order or change your order you just have to get it done at least one full business day before your monthly order is sent out and that also goes for cancelling your subscription- you must do so one full calendar day before your next package is scheduled to be sent out for delivery- but seriously I’m pretty sure you will not want to cancel your Dollar Shave Club subscription. It’s so worth the savings.

disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I pay for my monthly subscription and wanted to share my thoughts on the product/brand. This post may contain affiliate links.

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