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Mamas, You know those moments when you are about to sneeze and you are more worried about crossing your legs than covering your nose? Yeah? Poise has a new product for that. The Poise Impressa sizing kit can help you make it a little less embarrassing to freely laugh, sneeze or jump with the kids on the trampoline without wetting yourself. I have openly talked and laughed about light bladder leakage before. Some people think that LBL is no laughing matter but for me I have to find the humor in it to deal with it.

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I gained 70 lbs with my first pregnancy and 75 lbs. with my second. Having babies is a beautiful thing but man oh man I was not prepared for what those little bodies would do to my own body. Stretch marks I expected. Bigger boobs? Sure, I expected that too. The warm sensation of uncontrollable peeing when you sneeze or decide to venture on to the trampoline with the kids? No I didn’t expect that at all. In addition to doing kegels I knew I needed more protection. I have used Poise products for years now. If pads and liners aren’t your thing Poise has upped their LBL fight against wet pants with Poise Impressa.

poise impressa sizing kit bladder support

Need to find your fit for Impressa? You’ll want to start with the Impressa sizing kit. The great thing about Impressa is though it looks much like a tampon it’s not made to absorb leaks, they are made to help prevent it from happening. In the kit you get 6 bladder supports, 2 of each size. You start with the size 1 and move up in size if needed until you are most comfortable with the internal fitting. I started with the size 1 but had light leaks so I moved up to the size 2 and it’s so far so good with the size 2’s.

poise impressa #tryimpressa

Now that I know my size I can buy the individual sized packs of just the size 2’s. Not only am I ok to laugh and jump around with my boys now but I can worry more about catching my sneeze than catching my pee. Have questions or concerns about the Poise Impressa bladder supports? Check out the Poise site for the top 10 questions they are asked in their FAQ section. They also have a Poise Impressa coupon you can download as well as a search option for Walmart stores or where you can find the Impressa products near you.

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