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I have had many hair styles and hair colors in my 30ish years. I have colored my hair since I was in my early 20’s. That’s about 10 years of hair dye and bleach and yet every time I go get my hair done professionally I get compliments on how great my hair looks and feels. I’ve had super long hair and super short hair. It has taken me a year to grow out an angled bob haircut to shoulder length. Now that it is all the same length again I find myself back in the habit of my “mommy tail” as my youngest calls it. I constantly keep my hair pulled up in a ponytail. It’s not the most glamorous of hairstyles but it serves its purpose. Some days it feels like a requirement to have the mommy tail but other days Mommy is just not in the mood to do much with her hair.

mom hair styles

I have tried to find ways that won’t take me long to fix my hair but still leave me with a good hair day. How did/do I attempt to avoid the mommy tail?

Cut it short. I went with the angled bob cut for a while during the summer. You can’t pull it up if it’s too short.
mom hairstyle angled bob haircut

Short haircut not for you? You can get some easy styles to do quickly and won’t leave you feeling the bad hair day blahs. While working I liked having my hair down but it would always end up in my face so instead of doing the mommy tail I found a few ways to keep my hair down and still out of my face.

The bandana/scraf headband
Just roll up a scarf or bandana and tie it either knot side up (bow on top of your head) or knot side down (tied underneath your hair at your neck).
hair bandana headband

Fake bangs
Once my bangs finally grew back out I wanted to have the rolled bangs look but didn’t want to go through cutting my hair with bangs again. I like to switch things up with my hair and this style allows me the look of curled/rolled bangs even when my bangs aren’t even really there. To do this I just section off part of my hair where bangs usually are across the forehead and I roll the section of hair away from my face and secure it down with 2 bobby pins and some hairspray.
fake bangs

I have had my fair share of bad haircuts and hopefully my tips will keep you from having bad hair days too. It can take months to get over a bad haircut but you know what doesn’t take months? Aflac One Day Pay. Have you seen the funny Aflac hairstylist commercial introducing the Aflac One Day Pay?

The commercial shows the Aflac Duck falling short as he tries to make the cut as a hair stylist. As his clients react with horror and shock, two women observing the Aflac Duck’s work from under the dryers discuss how one mistakenly believed that he was the best hair stylist. The commercial closes with a conversation between two women at the salon: “Oh, he’s a horrible stylist, but, he’s the best at paying claims fast.” She later adds, “He paid mine in just one day.” The first woman is so impressed with Aflac’s new One Day Pay promise that she overlooks the horrible hairdos.

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