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There is a valid reason for the lack of posts around here lately. As if having three kids, working full time, and running the blog wasn’t enough for me to juggle, I decided to go back to school (online college) for my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. Nuts, right? I thought so for many years. I had assumed that my life was taking me down a different path.

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Every time I would start to consider going back to college I would find a reason why it just wasn’t a good time. No time was a main excuse. Enter the world that is online college classes. No time was an excuse until this year. I was running out of valid excuses. I was “daydreaming” about degrees in the fields I was most interested in and decided to sign up to let some colleges send me school information. No harm in reading what’s out there I thought. The online college emails I began to quickly receive sat in my inbox for a while as I continued my loop of excuses to not have time to read through them.

After talking over my potential goals with Geek Daddy I finally stopped making excuses and decided to do this for myself. I filled out some applications and submitted them immediately before I started self doubting and chickening out again. The paperwork was completed and I was accepted to an online school. Having a family and working full time didn’t really leave much of an open schedule to go attend campus classes. Thankfully now a days online school can be done from just about anywhere.

I will be 35 this summer. So what if my projected graduation date is the same as some of my kids graduating high school. Better late than never, right? That is what I keep reminding myself as I attempt to complete these online courses with good grades.

How many of you are “older” college students attending online college courses? Do you have any tips for this not so young college newbie? I have added an “Online College” section to the site and I will sharing about my journey to my Bachelor’s Degree along the way. As I adjust to getting a balance of everything I am sure that I can get blog posts rolling out more regularly once again.

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