Your child wants a smartphone, now what? Parental control smartphone app & tips

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Does your child have a smartphone on their wish list this year? According to a 2012 Pew Research survey more than half of those surveyed have 12-17 year old children that have cellphones and 23% of those phones are smartphones. Some questions you may have as parents are what age is appropriate for a child to have a phone? What devices are best for children? What are the rules of bringing cellphones to school. When I was in school I had a pager then a cellphone. I wasn’t supposed to have them at school but of course I did anyways. My cellphone was the regular keypad only type of phone. We didn’t have the iPhone and all that fancy technology. Man that makes me feel a bit old haha. My mom didn’t have to worry about what I did on my phone because all I could do what call and text. That sounds kind of lame to kids now a days right? If you are worried about your child and them having a smartphone nTelos has a nice blog post about their new app Parental Control. They also share some good tips for parents. My favorite feature of smartphones these days is that I can use GPS to track where my child is. I ran off a couple times as a kid and gave my mom more than her fair share of scares so I’m betting that if my phone had GPS tracking on it back then I might have stayed out of trouble a bit more.

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