How we survived a broken arm and leg + how to win $500 #ad #UnitedHealthcare

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Last year right after school started my youngest son decided it was a good idea to try and go down some stone steps outside our apartment with his roller skates still on. The result of that great idea was a broken arm and a broken leg. Let me just say thank goodness for insurance! I don’t think I could have managed to pay out of pocket for all of his x-rays, Dr. visits, casts, and the arm brace and the leg boot. I was given an itemized sheet of what everything would cost before insurance and I about hit the floor. As a parent I now see the true importance of knowing about and understanding insurance policies and benefits. UnitedHealthcare wants to help bring awareness to their new health plan.

He spent 4 weeks in the arm cast, which he dealt pretty well with. He could easily write with his right hand (he’s a lefty). It was being in the leg cast that caused some emotional days, he was in that for 3 months. As he watched his brother and step sister go out to play he would get angry and yell at me because he couldn’t go out. I felt terrible because I was pregnant with baby Kaylee at the time also so I couldn’t even push him up the hill to the playground area for him to just enjoy being outside because the hill to the play area at our apartment is super steep and I couldn’t walk it on my own much less push a wheel chair with a 100 lb. kid in it. Geek Daddy was a huge help and support system during the three months that K was in casts. The older two siblings tried to help out and also play games with K so he wouldn’t feel so alone or left out. We played a lot of games.

If you like playing games (while also learning about your health care) then you should visit the UnitedHealthcare site to play their 3 different (and simple) games to be entered to win a $100 weekly prize and the $500 monthly prize. Each game has its own sweepstakes you can enter. These sweeps will run until February 28, 2017.

The first game is Health Facts 1 2 3. I completed this quiz myself and entered the sweeps. You just have to answer multiple choice and true/false questions about health care and you can fill out the entry form if you get them correct. Then you can try Look and Learn where you watch a short video (but pay attention don’t just let the video play) because you have to answer a video related question at the end to enter the second contest. Once you have those 2 done you can play a hand of Perfect Match (have you played the game Memory with your kids?)

This game of Memory tests your understanding of basic health care terms. That’s it. 3 simple games and learning about health care plans from UnitedHealthcare = 3 easy ways to possibly win big bucks.

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