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Going back to work meant taking time to adjust to the new changes and get a new schedule going. Once I felt ready to get back to blogging on the regular again there were a lot of issues on the IT side of the blog that needed to be addressed and fixed. My old host was not being very helpful so I decided to make the switch to a new host. I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work on A Blender Mom. I’m hoping that there wasn’t a lot of down time for anyone trying to get to the blog for recipes or any other posts.

Now that (I think) I have everything rolling pretty smoothly, it’s time to get the posts pouring from the blender again. The site seems to be loading faster being on the new web hosting service. I upgraded the size of my hosting plan. That’s a change that not anyone would really notice except for the fact that I can have any of y’all visiting at a time and not crash my site. That’s a good problem to have sort of but down time isn’t a good thing when you come over from Pinterest for a recipe or craft and can’t get to it because the site is down.

Any-who, I just wanted to update y’all that there was some downtime (thanks for the emails asking about it and notifying me that we were down) and that it’s been fixed and I will be back to sharing recipes, trips, and a couple of fancy cars that I’ve test driven lately now that I can post photos and they’ll show up again. Thanks for sticking with me through the down time and I hope that you’ll look around and come back to visit again.

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