Wedding planning, there’s Groupon coupons for that

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This budget bride post is sponsored by Groupon coupons. If you’ve been following me on the blog or social media for a while you know that Jersey Boy and I are getting married this summer. I’ve been a frugal gal for a while now and wedding planning is no different. I try to save where I can but still have the wedding that suits us. Did you know you can get coupon codes and coupons with Groupon coupons? Being a budget bride I was glad to find many stores I shop with listed with Groupon.

I’m currently working on my bridal bouquet. I purchased my light saber off of Amazon and some purple gerbera daisies (my favorite flowers) from a shop on EBay. Groupon has coupons listed for both Amazon and EBay as well as many other merchants. I plan to cut the saber down and insert the gerbera daisies so I can have a bridal bouquet saber. Yes, I’m one of those dorky kinds of brides.

Before you do any shopping at stores like EBay, Amazon, Sears, Or Kohl’s check the Groupon coupons to see if you can get your shopping done and save a little in the process.

When I go to make some wedding/honeymoon photo albums I’ll check the coupons for shutterfly because I saw that shop listed with Groupon coupons too. I wish I had thought to check for coupons while booking our honeymoon. and Expedia are both listed for coupons. Oh well, at least I know to check for any store with Groupon coupons before I hit the payment button.

Wedding, honeymoon, and even once we are back home afterwards we can continue with savings by searching the merchants on Groupon for places like Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, and many more. These coupons work for online shopping or you can get the mobile versions for shopping right in the store. I’ve got the mobile version for my next trip out to the Starbucks drive thru for a frappe before heading to Walmart for formula and diapers. Both stores that are also listed for coupons on Groupon.

Have you used Groupon coupons before? What kind of savings did you get?

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