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In a house with three children adjusting to living all together in a new house leaves me in search of my music some days. I listen to music while I work at the computer and when I would go for my run. I had the name brand comes with the smartphone earbuds but they hurt my ears. I have a hard time finding earbuds and headphones that work for my small ear holes. I also can’t be completely comfortable running with regular style earbuds in and not able to hear surrounding traffic and my motivating music at the same time. I also like to still be able to hear the doorbell or the kids while I’m jamming out and working at the computer. When baby Kaylee is born I will need to keep an ear out for her while I’m working too. Now thanks to the Aftershokz Trekz titanium wireless headphones I can do and enjoy it all.

What makes the Aftershokz Trekz so great for my family? These headphones are bone conduction headphones which means they wrap around your head but don’t go inside your ears, they sit more in front of your ears.

aftershokz trekz headphones

aftershokz trekz bone conduction wireless headphones

I can wear the Aftershokz Trekz while cooking and still hear the kids around me. I can wear the Treks headphones while running and be able to hear traffic and what’s going on around me while still listening to my music. My oldest can wear the Trekz while playing his video games and still hear me when he is called. He can also listen to his music while outside but still hear me when he is called to come in for the evening. With 5 of us in the van on road trips sometimes I want to listen to something else other than what the kids have on when I get the chance to be in the passenger seat so I can pull out the Aftershokz headphones and listen to music I like without complaints from the backseat and still hear them when I need to be referee to the backseat.

The Aftershokz Trekz wireless headphones come with a storage/ carry case, the user guide, micro USB charging cable, fitbands which are silicon bands that allows the adjustability to allow comfort for smaller head sizes, and earplugs for the times when you are in a place where it is safe and suitable to block out noise while still being able to use the Trekz Titanium by Aftershokz.


The Trekz are small and light. They have clips that go around your ears. My first concern with this type of headphones was that the band of the headphones would compete for space while I wear my glasses and make it uncomfortable and leave me unable to wear both at the same time. I tried headphones on first then my glasses and then tried glasses on first with the Trekz headphones rested on top of them and wearing the Trekz under my glasses was the more comfortable option for me. Not having the feel and pain of earbuds in my ears was great though it did take a couple days of wearing the Trekz to find my comfort level with the volume to where I could listen to the music and make phone calls and not be annoyed by the vibration that you can sometimes feel if the volume is high. The headphones are wireless so you just have to charge it up, turn it on, and sync it to Bluetooth and pair it up. You’ll know it’s pairing to your device when the LED light flashes red and blue and then turn blue and Audrey Says (TM) will say “connected”. If it has a full charge you can get about 6 hours of continuous use and on stand by the battery charge lasts about a week to a week and a half.

aftershokz trekz titanium wireless headphones

Trekz titanium bone conduction wireless headphones

For this more often times than not multitasking mama the Aftershokz Trekz titanium headphones are perfect for me. You can purchase the Trekz Titanium headphones from Amazon or

Aftershokz Trekz titanium headphones giveaway!
Aftershokz is offering one reader from A Blender Mom a pair of the Aftershokz Trekz Titanium wireless headphones (rv $129.99). Giveaway is open to US residents only. Use the form below to get entries to this giveaway. The Trekz headphones giveaway will close September 5, 2016. Winner will be notified and will have 2 days to respond back or they forfeit their win and another winner will be chosen. Prize is shipped by the sponsor of the giveaway not the blogger. Good luck!

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  1. Sharon Huffman says

    These will be perfect for use around the house so I can still hear my husband talking to me. My cheap ones only produce sound on one side.

  2. ron schnell says

    Very useful on flights !

  3. Adrienne Gordon says

    i like to exercise and these look solid on the ears

  4. Michelle B says

    I think these would be awesome for me because earbuds are not sweatproof as these claim to be. I don’t know how many times I’ve been out running and my earbud falls out midrun. Ugh!!!

  5. heather says

    These headphones would so work for me because I can’t have things in my ears and I like that about them.

  6. angela cunningham says

    these would be perfect for me when cleaning my hous

  7. Jalisa Neale says

    These look so comfortable, and I think I would love not having the sound directly in my ear.

  8. harold says

    It would work for me because it’s bluetooth and I don’t like wires while running.

  9. Jayme Myers says

    Regular headphones tend to give me headaches. These look wonderful!

  10. Michelle H. says

    One of my ears is partially closed up, so I can’t use ear buds very well. These would be perfect for me.

  11. Hearing both your music and other sounds would provide more safety when jogging. 🙂 Thank you.

  12. Like that I can wear these while running but still be alert to my surroundings

  13. Lynda Del says

    I have small ears and these look comfortable to wear while I perform yoga.

  14. Seyma Shabbir says

    because it is lightweight it will be easier to workout with.

  15. kate usher says

    because this technology is a great fit for me because of my hearing problems…thanks you

  16. Lesley F says

    Would be great for the gym and when I go hiking

  17. Amy Pratt says

    These would work for me because I wear hearing aids and can’t put headsets in my ears.

  18. I love to run and my apple EarPods always fall out of my ears. Would be super useful!

  19. Margaret Smith says

    I love that they are wireless and the way they stay on. These will be perfect for when I exercise or am walking around.

  20. Ashley C says

    I think these would be great because they are wireless so I don’t have to full with wires while at the gym!

  21. Charlene Carr says

    I think these would really be good for me because I just had my hearing tested and have some loss in both ears. They will allow me to wear my hearing aids so I can completely enjoy the music.

  22. Mary Cloud says

    They will work for my daughter because she can wear them while walking which she does all the time

  23. I love that they don’t sit in your ear! I’m a runner and I like to be aware of my surroundings while I’m out. These would let me hear what’s going on around me while still enjoying my music!

  24. nickie says

    This would be great for my jogs, easy to use.

  25. Julia Barnes says

    I would love this for exercise.

  26. heather s says

    It would be great for exercising

  27. Tamara says

    Ooh I really like the idea of these! I am often afraid to walk outside and not be able to hear cars or people approaching. This is a great idea.

  28. Nicole Headley says

    These would be great for me because I work from home captioning for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, so I have the option of putting in the earplugs if the kids are home (three boys so it’s loud), but during the day I can free up my ears that tend to get sore on those busy work days with something constantly in my ear! Not to mention, I just started back walking and working out, so these would be awesome for that, so I can have my music and still be aware of what’s going on around me!

  29. I really like that you can still hear what’s going on around you while you’re listening to music.

  30. Kyl Neusch says

    because it is lightweight

  31. Brittney House says

    I love that they will stay on my head while working out.

  32. elizabeth p says

    They would work great for rollerblading.

  33. Angela Kinder says

    They will work out perfectly for me, especially on my runs. I use earbuds or headphones, and not only are they NOT safe, but they’re always falling off. These will allow me to hear the noises around me without being in the way.

  34. Heather D says

    I like howthey are designed. They would be perfect for on the go activities.

  35. Tiffany Banks says

    These would work for me when I am exercising and they look super comfortable!

  36. Judy Schechter says

    I’ve never tried this type of headphone before and they sound great because you can hear what’s going on around you and I like that I don’t have to put anything in my ears!

  37. Debbie F says

    I try to run every morning before the sun comes up so yeah, these would be great!
    They’re sweatproof, they let you hear the things going on around you, and bluetooth!
    all pluses.

  38. Ann Fantom says

    The Trekz titanium headphones would be ideal when I’m riding my bike because I can still hear sounds around me

  39. Danielle says

    I would still be able to hear everything that is going on around me

  40. Kyle B. says

    I love running with music but I hate not hearing what is going on around me. Aftershokz would help me solve this problem.

  41. Stephanie Liske says

    They will work for me because they are wireless.

  42. Sarah L says

    I like that they don’t stick in my ears.
    Thanks for the contest.

  43. Dorothy Deakyne says

    would be perfect to listen to music while gardening

  44. These would work great for me I am not a fan of the earbuds they hurt..

  45. Denise S says

    Being able to listen to music when I exercise would motivate me.

  46. Cassandra C says

    In-ear headphones are usually so uncomfortable. This seems like an excellent alternative!

  47. Daniel M says

    bet i’d like these way better than any earbud or headphone that both annoy my ears after a whil

  48. I like that they are not in ear headphones.

  49. susan smoaks says

    i like that i can wear them when i workout. i think they will really work great for me.

  50. Erica B. says

    I like that you don’t drown out outside sounds.

  51. Peggy Johnson says

    These would be great for me because traditional earphones hurt my ears.

  52. Kristi C says

    I go walking at the local greenbelt and am nervous to wear headphones because I want to hear if someone comes up behind me.

  53. joe gersch says

    i think they woill work for me because they are light for when I exercise

  54. Ashley says

    My current earbuds are miserable to wear when I workout. These would be so much better.

  55. Angela Ash says

    I ride my bike everyday just about anywhere I can. I also use ear buds to listen to music or talk on the phone when riding. I keep the volume as low as possible but just having the ear buds in my ears blocks out a lot of noise. I feel that the Treks headphones would allow me to still listen to music while riding, but mAke it way safer.

  56. Laurie Emerson says

    I think that these will work for me as for some reason I just cannot use earbuds. I think that my ears are too big and they just keep falling out.

  57. Richard Hicks says

    They will work for me because they are without wires

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