Halloween treats and snacks

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Looking for some last minute treats for the kids to take to their Halloween party? Need a snack to have ready for your Halloween party? I have an idea for both Halloween treats and snacks.

If your kid is like mine and having a party at school on Tuesday you were probably asked to send in a treat for the class to share. I try to send in either items that have been asked for. Or if the teacher leaves it up to me to choose I try to get something that just about everyone in class can enjoy. We haven’t been told about it before but I try to avoid peanut/peanut butter treats due to allergies. I never know who hangs out with who and who trades snacks at lunch. This year we are sending in Rice Krispies Treats for a Halloween treat. I also may leave some in the bowl that I sit out for kids while we are gone trick or treating ourselves. Yes I just leave the bowl out and allow kids to help themselves to it.

Rice Krispies Treats halloween treats

I had fun putting some easy Halloween snacks together. How about some bloody severed fingers (hotdogs) and a crockpot of chopped intestines (lil smokies) sound? For the lil smokies you just need a pack or two of the Hillshire Farms lil smokies, some grape jelly, some bbq sauce, a can of dark soda (pepsi or dr pepper is what I normally use), and a bottle of Heinz chili sauce. Add the can of soda, the bottle of Heinz chili sauce, 1/2 cup of grape jelly, 1 bottle of bbq sauce (I prefer Sweet Baby Ray’s), and the lil smokies. Stir the smokies a little and then cook in the slow cooker/ crock pot on low for 4 hours or high for 2 hours.

For the bloody severed fingers just slice the hotdogs before you boil them. Cut a square off the end to give it a fingernail look. Then give the finger knuckle slits and slice up the end to give it a cup off look. Boil the hotdogs as usual but keep an eye on them because if you over boil them they will split apart and look more like an octopus than a dead finger. You can also use some of the ketchup to attach a slice of onion to the end of the finger to give it more of a fingernail look.

What Halloween treats and snacks are you preparing for the class party or party at home?

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